Safety Commitment

Nothing is more important to X-Cel Energy Services than safety; from our staff, customers, and the communities we work in and around, to the integrity of the assets we operate, maintain and service.
With strong managers and leadership, employees deliver consistent, positive and sincere work and safety ethics. Quick to rise to any challenge we strive to improve employee standards with continued education both in office and on site. We take the time to understand what our customers want, as well as our employees. Extensive on the job training programs are in place, as well as periodic performance reviews to ensure continued improvement and growth from all employees.

We are committed to protecting the environment and recognize our responsibility to minimize all impacts of our business and acknowledge an obligation in terms of the air, land and water resources of our country. We provide assurance that products and services which have the potential to cause an adverse effect on our environment are used, stored, handled, and disposed of in a legislatively compliant manner.

X-Cel Energy Services Ltd is COR certified and part of the ISNetworld, Comply Works and Safety Sync. Fleetmatics has recently been implemented in all trucks for journey management ensuring work alone safety.

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